Saturday, 11 April 2015

Where I Work - Part 2

Continuing the tour of my little work space (Click here for Part 1 of the tour) It is only a small space, in the downstairs of our high-set Queensland home.  A space I co-habit with the kids play area and the garage.  But it is mine, and I enjoy spending time in it.

 As I mentioned in my last post, most of the furnishings here are second hand or started life as something else.  It is as much fun creating in this space as it is creating this space. 
One of my favourite things here is the print above the shelving, it is by the lovely Marika.

Little shelves are always very handy to store little knick knacks and little art supplies.I picked up this set from a recyclers.  I crochet the Art Spectrum markers holders on top of the shelving

My lovely friend Vicky bought me the nesting dolls back from Europe and the little concertina book was made by Leah at Leahs Paper Passion .  The cute little drawers are actually stamps.

The little wooden boxes are lettering stamps and apart from the pigment and acrylic inks, most of the other things here are bundles of paper and cardstock for making into gift tags.

Once again, thank you for stopping by for a visit to my work space.  I hope you enjoyed it and will pop back for Part 3.

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  1. Very cozy I would like to have a space for myself too, just like yours! :)


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