Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Basket Case

Yup, I am a basket case, but in the nicest kind of way.  I have gotten myself hooked (excuse the pun) of crocheting baskets lately and I have been having so much fun with them!

I started making just one for my Mum as part of her Christmas present, but as per usual, after the first one I felt compelled to make a second, then a third.....and well, you get the idea.  I think I am now up to number 8, but I really stopped counting after number 5!

These two were for my Mum and my Aunt as part of their Christmas presents
We had an early Christmas with family a couple of weeks ago.

My Uncle thought the basket would make a great hat!

After number 5, I started adding embellishments to the baskets - just for the fun of it.

And this is the one I am working on at the moment.  I have promised myself that it will be the last one, but you just never know.........

I dont have a pattern or tutorial for these, I just made them up as I went along.  I also checked out other people tutorials through pinterest.  My crochet board can be found here if you would like to check them out.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Christmas in November

It has been very quiet here on the Sugarbird blog of late.  I have been very busy getting ready for our Christmas in November.  We cant actually spend Christmas with our family this year as hubby is working, so we just moved it forward a month.  We toddled off down the Pacific highway last week to spend a lovely couple of days with friends and family.  It was a 14 hour round trip, but definitely worth it.  We all had a lovely time, ate too much and spoilt the kids - what more could you ask for!
 North Haven Break Wall - a long walk before a picnic lunch

 We all admired the ocean view at the end of the wall, and then we all turned around and walked back.

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