Saturday, 23 May 2015

Mark this Page

I have been having a lot of fun with my colour pencils this week.  So may colours and so many colour combinations.  The end result is some pretty bookmarks.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Where I work Part 4

Even before I re-established this work space this work space, I knew there was one major thing that I wanted to do differently.  Last time, I had a lot of of supplies and shelving ON the desk.  And while it looked nice and everything was right there, there ended up not being enough room to spread my wings and my imagination.  This time I tried ( emphasis on 'tried') to keep what actually belongs on the desk to a minimum.  

The other main difference is my staggeringly inexpensive splash back.  I really wanted to start messing around with paints and other messy supplies.  But the wall in front of the desk was the one that we just created and painted.  So the 12 year old and I stamped, stuck, doodled and coloured onto a strip of butchers paper.  Then attached it with  blu-tack to the wall.  And the really fun thing is that when I get bored of it...or mess it up too much, we can simply create a new one.

    My Ikea lamp was next to go up, once I located where the 15 year old had stored the screws (I am still unsure why he thought a lego filled container was a good place for them) 

After the desks first day of use, I decided that a couple of things needed to find a home on it.  The two containers to the left hold all of the tools - scissors, lead pencils, rulers etc that always seem to need to be at hand.  Then the 12 year old added a couple more things.
The far right  is a makeshift shelf that holds most of my colour pencils (truly, it is almost all of them....maybe).  The containers they are in are mostly tin cans with crochet coverings

 Here ends the tour of my little work space.  I hope you have enjoyed your visit....There will be an update to this tour in the (I hope) not too distance future.  We are planning on putting a big window in where the shelves are now and I cant wait to put the desk in front of it and have some lovely natural light to work by.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Where I Work Part 3

If you do any sort of craft, you will know that you never have enough room to store it all and that there is always a better way of storing it.  I am happy with how my work area is the moment.  I have lots of small supplies so I find that little sets of shelving/drawers work well for me.  

 Here is the third set that I have.

Apart from a copious amount of beads that I have in a cupboard, this is where I store all of my jewellery making bits and pieces.  They all have homes in little paper boxes that I made from scrapbooking paper.

Paints and paintbrushes

And of course here is my all time favourite Indie girl.  She is always ready to give me a hand. 
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