Monday, 6 April 2015

Where I Work - Part 1

Please forgive me, I have been very blog quiet for the last month.  But I have been very busy and there has been a lot going on. 

I have finally got my reclaimed workspace sorted out (see the original story here)  So I thought I would give you a little tour over the next few posts.  Enjoy......

 Overall is not all that big, but everything is within reach.

Apart from the desk and white Ikea unit, most of the furnishings are second hand or repurposed items. I don't have a huge craft/art budget and prefer to put it towards what I work on rather than where I work ie good quality supplies.  Besides, it is fun creating and altering things for my work area.

Just to the left of the desk.  This is a drawer out of an old entertainment unit.  I took the handles off and glued decorative paper to the back.  
 My 15 year old and I love little bowls.  These two hold shells for my polymer clay snails and ink nibs that I use with the white pigment ink.  The lovely butterfly card was created by Leahs Paper Passion (love her work)  I made the dream plaque and little birdhouse.

 Ikea containers, holding coloured pens and a large assortment of black fine line markers.

 Works in progress.....My Dad made the little wooden frames and shadow boxes, and hubby cut the blocks for me.   
The box holding the wooden pieces is actually a tissue box, with the top cut off and then covered with wrapping paper.  

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