Saturday, 7 March 2015

Coffee Table Confessions

OK, I have a confession to make.........nothing overly earth shattering, let me assure you, but still.....
Do you remember my lovely workspace?  Here is a reminder. Well, being the caring, generous mother that I am, I gave up this lovely creative hub about a year ago so my kids could have their own space to hang outin, be creative, have their computer, lego, other assorted kid stuff and generally call their own.  And it worked well for them......but not for me. 

 My confession is that for the last year I have drawn, painted, polymer clayed etc while sitting on the lounge with a board on my lap.  

It doesn't sound too bad, and it isn't, but sometimes the lounge room looks like an art supply store, the coffee table gets inundated  with a huge array of bits and pieces and I think I have worn out the springs on one end of the lounge.  What make it worse is that I have to pack it all away at the end of the night.  This is the family lounge room, we eat in it, watch TV in it and casually sit around with our feet on the previously mentioned coffee table (if there is room) 

So as of this weekend things are changing and I am taking back my space.
Stay tuned for further updates.

 The computer has been relocated to a smaller desk.  
Hubby gets the joy of reconnecting it all.

 The 15 year old gets to sort out this pile of "stuff". 
 I am sure he will think he needs to keep it all.

 Lego, bionicals and other assorted small plastic pieces 
will need to be re-homed

 Our coffee table on a normal day

House & Garden are not beating down our 
door for photo shoots.

My reclaimed blank canvas. 
 It took quite a while to de-lego this area.

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