Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Can you dig it!!!

There is not much drawing or colouring going on at Sugarbird tonight.  My fine motor skills are shot and my hands ache, but I have a big hole happening in the back yard to show for it!!!  After 5 years of persuasive conversation (read 'nagging')  I finally convinced hubby that we needed to cut down two rather large trees in our back yard. 

We (I) decided that rather than fork out heaps of money and pay someone else to do the job, that we would take our time and do the job ourselves (especially because we don't have heaps of money) 

And before you ask, yes the clothesline was meant to end up like this (I swear)  It never worked, was under next doors tree and was rusty)

Over the last couple of months, logs have been turned into garden borders, and given to friends as fire wood, leaves and twigs have been mulched.

And now it is time to dig out the stumps and roots. We spend about half an hour digging each afternoon.
 The 10 year old gets out there with her little spade and bucket each day and "does archaeology" 
The 13 year old gets out there, is yet to break a sweat and asks every 5 minutes if it is time to finish.
I get out there and wield the pick and shovel.

It might not look too hard a job, but the stumps are on a slope and the soil isn't soil.....it is clay.

And with all of the rain we have had lately, it is heavy, sticky, hard to dig clay.

But it is rather enjoyable to get outside in the afternoons, with the kids and do something that will be worth it in the end (this is where my raised vegie gardens will eventually be)  Unfortunately I enjoyed it a bit too much today and over did it somewhat.  Therefore the sore hands, back, legs etc.....and no drawing happening tonight.

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  1. Well done Karen & family. It certainly is a marathon effort. But I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end.
    Kind Regards Louise Leech


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