Saturday, 13 April 2013

Daisy Owl

I am participating in a Black & White Auction on facebook in August and I thought an owl would be a good idea.  Below are the step by step images of how Daisy was created.

Daisy was created using black micron pens and acid free mountboard.  She wasn't going to originally have this much detail on her, but she just sort of evolved that way.

I really enjoyed doing the feathers on her wings and all of the details around her eyes.
I worked on her for two weeks on and off, that much detail cant be rushed.

Daisy Owl all finished.  The signed original will be auctioned in August.....details will follow closer to the date, if you are interested in helping to find a home for her :)


  1. This is awesome Karen, you are so very clever :)

  2. talented! Cassy :)


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