Saturday, 6 April 2013

Crochet hooked

I am still hooked on crocheting at the moment and am really enjoying doing some little projects that only take a couple of hours each.  I had a go at a bigger basket than the last one and I am really happy with it.  Here is how it developed.

 I created the whole basket in single crochet and just went round and round without specific rows.  I used 8ply acrylic wool and a 4mm hook.

 I just kept going around until I was happy with the height

Once I was happy with the height, I crochet a shell border and folded the edge over

Then I started making crochet slippers.  This is the first pair that I did.  Since them I have made another pair for myself, 2 pair for the 10 year old and one pair for the 13 year old.  Hubby (strangely enough) didnt want a pair.  Now I have moved onto creating my own sock pattern :)


  1. well done Karen, they all look great xx

  2. Delightful creations :) I am loving trying to get back into crochet as well.

  3. They are fantastic, I love them both, so much so I think I might try the basket myself. Though I think I need to google a bit of help first!

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely have a great day


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