Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Spring Clean...the beginning

So, what do I do when I am not being a Mum, a wife, an employee or an obsessive crafter?  Well, at this time of the year I do what my mother taught me to do........I spring clean the house!!!  

But this year with limited time, energy and enthusiasm I am changing the way I do it.  Instead of spending a whole weekend (or two)  up to my eyeballs in dust and stuff I didn't even remember I had, I am doing one part (not even one room) each evening.  I know that as a whole it will take longer to do, but each part gets a really good going over and it doesn't seem like a never ending chore or bore.

I obviously won't blogger bore you with every evenings cleaning (I can hear that sigh of relief from here) but I did want to share the start with you.

                                  Before                                                                        After

This is my bedroom wardrobe.  I am very fortunate, and appreciative to have a Mum who makes beautiful quilts, so we have a HUGE collection of them.  It took a lot of man handling and a step ladder  to get them all sorted out.  The kids, rather wisely< fled the house when they saw the step ladder :)

These are the quilts for our bed, and the 9 year old's bed.  The 13 year old's quilts are in another wardrobe in another room.  I will (eventually) get to them.

                      Before                                         Before                                              After

Now, as long as no one needs a quilt for the next year, this is how the wardrobe will stay.......not likely I know, but I can dream.  

I am planning on starting in the kitchen tonight, and as promised I won't share that with you.  After all, how exciting can egg cups and (empty) muffin trays be?????

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