Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hoot Hoot

Owls......why does everyone love owls (including me)?  I don't know the answer, but I am really glad that they do because they are so much fun to draw and colour.  Here is my latest calendar and it has not one, but two owls on it!!  Each petal and feather have up to 4 layers of colour on them and then they are each blended with an overlay of white pencil.  This method is extremely labour intensive, by well worth the effort.


  1. Your owls are beautiful. I'm glad owls are seeing a resurgence in popularity, my mother was a 'Brown Owl' (brownie guide leader) and when my second son was born this year, he was given many stuffed owls (a nice contrast to his older brother's teddies). Hoot hoot indeed.

  2. Wow it is beautiful! The result is amazing - you must be very proud of your work. #TeamIBOT

  3. Oh they are beautiful!
    I love owls too. Something so glam about them :)

  4. I am a little owl obsessed and these are just gorgeous :)

  5. Yes, what IS it? About owls? I love love love them too. Yours are particularly gorgeous Karen, I must say...xxxleah


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