Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cat Crazy Continues

Now I ask you....what kind of crazy woman gets up at 4.30am to blog and catch up on reading other people's blogs??  THIS kind of crazy woman - that's who.  I got so involved in drawing last night that I got nothing else done!!!  So when hubby toddled off to work at 4.30 I thought I might as well get up and get a jump on the day.  Just don't check in with me about 4 this afternoon when I will probably snoozing on the lounge!!  Anyway back to the more creative (and less strange) part of life. 

You know me....if I enjoy something, I just keep doing it.  So here are another set of cat cards, this time in blues instead of pinks.  And if you are thinking that they look a lot like the pink ones design wise.....they are - in reverse.  I sometimes do the original design and then use tracing paper to replicate it.  Anyhow, I hope you have a lovely Tuesday and that yours didn't start too early.  See ya :) 

These cuties are SOLD 


  1. I love these cute cats. They are so peaceful and happy. Rachel x

  2. These are just beautiful! What a clever clogs you are. I must say I totally get the getting up early to read blogs and what not (especially on #IBOT days)...though I don't think I have ever started as early as 4.30 I ususally wait till 5 :)

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

  3. Just beautiful. I adore your drawings. I always get up early. I have to if I want to get any writing done.

  4. My husband woke me up this morning to kiss me goodbye, leaving both Boyo and myself asleep. How lovely! I was tempted to turn on the iPad and read blogs in bed, but not this morning. I succumbed back into the arms of Morpheous, before I was woken by a cuddly Boyo. A lovely start to my morning!

    The cats are adorable! :)

  5. Oh so beautiful. What a joy its been for me to discover your beautiful blog. I am from #TeamIbot. Denyse

  6. Wow! Are these hand coloured? They look amazing.
    4.30??? in the morning??!! I didn't know there was two 4.30s in a day?????? :-)

  7. You're very talented! As for getting up at 4:30 to blog/read blogs? I do it too. It's the only time I can fit it in sometimes.

  8. I just love cats and these cards are so very sweet, you must make more, very soon please, I want some :)

    1. hehehe....more on the way. Any suggestions on colour combos? Thank you for the lovely comment!


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