Monday, 25 June 2012

Cat Crazy!!

Jen from Smudge Designs liked and shared one of the cat cards I put on Sugarbird's facebook page so I thought I would create some more.  

Luckily the pencils and paper were still out so I got drawing with the intention of making a set of two cat cards.....but you know me.....I ended up doing 4 cat cards, two butterfly cards and am now working on a cat drawing that can be framed.  

Here are the first cards to be completed.  I am having so much fun with the colours.

These cards are now available in my madeit shop.

Check in over the next couple of days to see that other ones I have done and where they can purchased from.  Who knows there may be snails, elephants and mice to come yet....there is still a lot of stuff in my head and SO little time to get it out on paper.

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