Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pretty Pebbles

As you may have figured out by now - I am obsessed with doodling........I will basically doodle on any thing as long as there is a pencil or pen around.  This has led to permission slips going to school adorned with doodles (much to the embarrassment of my kids and the delight of their teachers).  The shopping list is always rather creatively decorated, as are phone bills, messages and shopping receipts. 
So it seems completely logical to me to draw doodle on the pile of pebbles in my candle holder on the coffee table!!!!  Here is what I have come up with so far :)

These were the ones I started with........

An order for a lovely lady 

Another order for another lovely lady


  1. Karen you are amazing!! I'll have to remember to keep moving if ever we meet!! lol I love your pebbles!

  2. These are lovely! Youre very talented!

  3. What did you use to draw on the rocks?


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