Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Aggghhhhhh Shopping!!!!

I didn't get as much drawing done as I wanted to over the weekend.  I am not complaining about Saturday.  We spend a lovely afternoon with an old family friend.  
But Sunday OMG I had to go clothes shopping!!  I finally had to give up trying to convince hubby the one pair of jeans I own would be fine for another year.  They got so thin that they tore across the bum!!! 
For those of you who view shopping as an enjoyable (time consuming) past time I apologise, because I managed on Sunday to break my last shopping expedition record (sorry Kim)  1 shop - 25 minutes - and 8 pieces of brilliant mix and match items.  I even impressed myself!!!  And for those of you who know me, even more shocking is the fact that there were no blacks or greys and two of the items were skirts!!!!  I even managed to get an outfit for my work Christmas party!!!  I am a legend in my own wardrobe!!

But I did manage to get some drawing done Sunday and Monday night and here is the first Owl Diary :)  Much more enjoyable than clothes shopping :)


  1. I love the diary! That's gorgeous.

    I hate clothes shopping. I can never seem to find clothes that fit my shape. I'm dreading it even more now I've given birth since I have a completely new shape!

  2. Agggh shopping indeed!!! I feel your pain - hence my mostly internet shopping, from mostly the same store!!


  3. If I drew that well, I wouldn't waste time on shopping either :-)

    Which shop did you get lucky in???!

  4. I must be the lone dissenter - I love nothing more than a good wander around the shops, trying things on. without the kids. because I'd shop the same as you if I had to drag them around! {found you via IBOT}

  5. What??? You bought all that clothing and NO PENCILS??????? Oh I am so disappointed in you Karen...xoxoxoleah

  6. Awesome effort on the shopping front, and the drawing front! Well done! :)

  7. And I won't apologise for holding you up on Saturday as I had a great time catching up with you and your family. Wish we could have had longer together.


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