Saturday, 4 October 2014

Making a Mandala Part 1

One of my favourite designs is the mandala.  There are so many pattern possibilities with it.
Once I start working on one I can loose hours of time being so absorbed with it.

Part 1

**Part 2 Click here**
**Part 3 Click here**

Tools of the Trade
  After lots of trial and error these are the tools and materials I like to use.  They are good quality without being ridiculously expensive.  And they can mostly be bought from office supply and craft shops. 

Metal ruler - Always has a straight crisp edge.  My wood and plastic ones always end of with dints and nicks in the edges.

Staedtler Eraser -  I always have at least 3 of these handy.  They very rarely smudge when rubbing out pencil marks and they don't tear or rough up the surface of the paper.

Pacer pencil - with a 2B lead - Easy to erase and does not need sharpening.

Pigma Micron Pen -  Black 02 pen.  Archival, waterproof and fade proof.  I use these on all of my drawings.  They are accurate, rarely bleed into good quality paper and don't smudge.

Staedtler Compass - One of my fave tools.  I have had it for more years than I care to count.  Very accurate and easy to use.

Circle Templates - The orange one is Fiskars and came from a scrapbooking shop.  The Clear one is a Celco maths one and came from Officeworks. These are brilliant because freehand circles can be a bit tricky.

Quill Paper - 200gsm XL Multiboard Paper - Crisp white colour, good thickness, does not pill when eraser is used on it.  Holds colour pencil colour well.

The other three very important items I need when creating mandalas are........

Indie the cat  - she is great company and she can always manage to walk off with the pencil I need! 

Coffee - A good hot cup of coffee (sadly I haven't found a bottomless cup yet)

Patience - I don't really start out with a design in mind.  It just sort of evolves as I put pencil to paper.  A bit of patience and time is a great starting point for anything creative.


Be sure to check back in a couple of days for the next instalment of Making a Mandala
And if you have any questions or comments so far, I would love to hear them. 


  1. where can i get the pacer pencil

    1. Hello, a pacer pencil is just a retractable one, you can find them at any newsagents or office supply shop :)


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