Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Cheap gardening

You have to love school holidays - if you are a kid, which I am not, but I do have kids and sometimes keeping them amused can be taxing and expensive.  But this week I have killed two birds with one stone.  This project kept the kids amused for an hour, I got a bit more vegie growing happening and it was inexpensive.

I am still struggling to remove the tree stumps from the prime vegetable garden spot.  So this Spring / Summer I am growing my produce in containers. 

We took a trip to Bunnings where I got some buckets for 72c each (much to the 13 year old horror - he thought we were stocking up for a big spring clean) and trays to go under them for $1.50 each  

 Then, once hubby was at work, I borrowed his cordless drill and drilled some holes.  I put them around the base rather than on the base, because the buckets are flat on the bottom and I didn't want the pots to get water logged (thanks for the tip Mum)
I also removed the handles.

Then we added the potting mix with some compost, and potted the plants.  We used pumpkin, tomatoes, cucumbers and spring onions. All of which we previously grew from seeds.

Now all I have to do is keep the kids interested enough to water them on a regular basis :)



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  1. I love your posts Karen :) Made me smile :) You will have veggies in no time :)


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