Saturday, 13 July 2013

Granny squares galore

At the tender age of  13, while watching my Mum crochet around a washer with cotton, I asked her to teach me how to crochet.  Surprisingly (looking back now) my first few attempts at washer crocheting failed miserably.  My tension was way too tight and the tantrum I chucked was very undignified.  Undaunted, my very patient Mum look me down to the local Co-op (this was in the dark ages before Spotlight, Lincraft and bargain stores) and got me to pick 4 colours of 8ply wool.  Once home again she started to teach me again- by doing a granny square......and so my love of crocheting was started!

 This is the granny square blanket that my Mum taught me to make with those 4 colours of wool.  And I am really happy to say that this photo was taken today, as my 10 year old loves it on her bed (so does Joey)

 This huge single granny square is not the most elegant thing I have ever made, but I did it while recovering from a life threatening illness - I think it helped to keep me sane and my hands occupied.

And this is the world's ugliest granny square jumper.......but it is warm and took me a week to make - so it is a house jumper only.

 This is the cardigan I made to wear at work.  The back and front only are done in granny squares

 Of course all granny square projects don't have to be a big undertaking.  A single one can make a nice bedside table covering.

This is one that I am working on at the moment.  It will be a cardigan by the end of next week.

The best thing about granny square rugs is that they are a great way to use up left over wool from other projects.  This is my on going winter project - the longer I work on it, the bigger it gets.  And it is lovely to work on a project while it keeps you warm.

 And this?  This is the start of my granny square bag and the tutorial that will go along with it......coming soon.

And the most exciting thing about granny squares?  Just as my Mum taught me how to do them and instilled in me a love of crocheting, so now I am doing the same with my 10 year old......and I can always hope that one day she will also pass along this lovely skill <3  

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