Saturday, 29 June 2013

An Altered Attitude

Way back before I  joined up for facebook, a blog and my madeit shop, I use to do craft projects just for me, gifts for friends and for things around my home.  Therefore I would start a project and finish it before I moved onto another short, a WIP pile was something I never had or had to think about.  
These days, things are vastly different.  The more I create, the more I want to create and the more ideas there are in my head screaming waiting to come out.

I now seem to have an ever increasing work in progress pile, that I swear multiplies when I am not looking.   Even when I would finish one, there would be two more to take its place.
It use to get me down and make me feel completely disorganised, until.......I worked out a better way of thinking about it.

I am not a disorganised, obsessive crafter with too many unfinished projects - I am a mega multi-tasker, just brimmng with creativity (sounds better to me anyway lol)

So with the altering of my attitude, I figured I would share this thought with you in case you need to adopt the same way of thinking, to keep sane about that pile lurking in the corner, cupboard or assortment of boxes.

Having justified my WIP pile, let me share just a few of my current ones with you.

A Granny Square cardigan - The back and half the front are finished.  The last one I made was too big, so I felt the need to get it right.

Cute crochet shapes - they are waiting to be made into hangings. 

Mandala Drawings - I haven't even finished the first one, but have already drawn up the second one.

Shell Scarf - I wasn't happy with the flower one I did last week, so HAD to start another one - it is cold after all!!

Doilys and Coasters - I discovered this lovely pattern on Pinterest.  It is for coasters, but I just had to have a play around with different size wool and hooks.  The pattern can be found at

Waffle Pattern Bath Mat - We need a new bath mat and I wanted to learn Waffle stitch so I combined the two - makes perfect sense to me.


  1. Lol Karen - I love your new way of thinking!!! i too am a mega-multitasker, just brimming with creativity (I love that!!!) I love all of your projects (reminded me of a couple I'd forgotten!!):)

  2. Karen , you still have a long way to go before you catch up to me. I seem to finish so many and like you I am sure they multiply when I am not looking too. I always get them finished but my problem is I get bored with what I am doing. They are all just too easy and give me no challenge. In the past 2 weeks I have finished 3 ponchos, 6 Baby jackets, 1 Boy's jumper,3 Rugs, several samples and a challenge that I was asked if I knew how to do. I did not know the pattern and was told that over 200 people could not do it and they had all spent at least 2 hours on it. I said I would have a go and presto within 30 minutes I had worked the pattern out and completed the first big motif. So I think your pile is small. Love ya xoxox


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