Saturday, 25 May 2013

Simple Sugarbird Crochet Cowl Pattern

Simple Sugarbird Crochet Cowl Pattern

This pattern is very simple and easy......because it is the first time I have attempted to write a crochet pattern.  The instructions assume that you know the basics of crochet.

50gm Ball of 12ply wool
#7 Crochet Hook
2 x 3cm (approx) buttons
Darning Needle

ch.........chain stitch
sc.........single crochet
dc........double crochet

ch 78

1st Row
dc into 3rd ch from end.  This is counted as 2 dc.  dc into remaining chains for a total of 76 dc. Turn

2nd Row
ch 3 ( this counts as the first dc)  dc 75.  Turn

Rows 3 to 8
Repeat 2nd Row

Crochet 1 row of sc around the entire edge of the cowl, using 3 sc into each corner

Finish off and weave ends in with a darning needle.

Attach buttons and shown in the picture above.  Because of the chunky stitches there is no need for specific button holes. I have used handmade polymer clay buttons, but wooden ones also look nice.

You can always make the cowl smaller or larger by adjusting the number of ch when starting, or the number of rows.

Enjoy :)


  1. Love it! What a great simple pattern :) I might have to start a new WIP ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing....I will find myself some lovely 12ply wool and let you know how I get on :)


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