Thursday, 4 April 2013

Card Cards

As strange as it sounds, not everyone in my family likes receiving handmade gifts from me for birthdays, Christmas etc......I really can't understand why the men and boys wouldn't be thrilled to get a flower encrusted diary or lovingly made piece of jewellery, but there you go!!' So I usually have to resort to gift vouchers.  That way they can get what they want.  But each year as I write their cards and slip in the afore mentioned vouchers, I can't help but feel something is missing or just slightly lacking.  

So I have decided to make specific gift voucher cards, so they get both a gift that they like and still get something handmade by me - I don't know if this will make them happy - but it will certainly make me more happy in my gift giving :)

This is my simple voucher card.  

 You will need

1 x 12x12 double sided scrapbooking paper
Double sided tape
Paper trimmer or scissors

1. Cut the sheet of paper to 27cm x 21cm and put the off cuts aside for later use.
2. Using the diagram below, measure, score and fold along the three lines, on the right side of the paper.  Cut out the section as in the diagram.
3. Add double sided tape to the two ends of the 5cm fold.

4. Fold the 5cm fold up to create the pocket for the vouchers
5. This is the basic Gift Voucher card
6. I then used the off cuts of the paper to add details to the front of the cards as well as to add messages inside the cards.  The creative possibilities are endless, once you have the basic card :) 

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