Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Bitten by the bug

Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE drawing, doodling and colouring (and lord knows I have orders waiting to be completed)  But yet again I have been bitten by one of those other craft bugs.  This time it is crocheting.  It is one of my favourites and I always seem to come back to it when the weather starts to turn a bit nippy.  The thought of curling up on the lounge at night and crocheting something that will keep me or mine warm has always been appealing.  This particular bug started with the idea of making granny square slippers.  Trawling through images on the net, I soon discovered that, as with many "older crafts" it has had a resurgence :)  So from the slipper idea I moved onto a granny square jumper.  I bought a brilliant pattern from Sarah London and last night I did 5 squares (15 to go)  

BUT today I discovered crochet baskets!!!!!  OMG, what a find for a lover of boxes, baskets and anything related to storage.  I have had to rein myself in though.  I have promised myself I wont make any baskets until I have finished the jumper.....but you know, a basket could be whipped up in a night, where the jumper will take at least a week, so maybe I could make a basket.........you get the picture :)  Here are a couple of the baskets that court my eye.



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