Friday, 8 March 2013

A place to work......

I was having a wander through cyberspace and drooling over images of work areas today.  Oh there are so many gorgeous sets ups, colours and storage ideas.  Here is one of today's favourites.

All of the lovely images got me thinking about me work area, and I started to think that it wasn't all that good.  You see, it and the laundry, are the two areas downstairs that we haven't finished renovating yet.  It has a cement floor and a particle board ceiling.  It has no natural light and only one piece of furniture was bought specifically for the space.  The remainder are all cast-offs and second hand acquisitions. 

BUT then I got to thinking a bit further and remembered that until we moved into this house, I had no work space of my own.  I may have a cement floor, but at least I have a floor and eventually it will have a covering, as will the ceiling.  I do actually have a window, it is just stored in the shed at the moment and will be part of the renovation when we get that far.  And my work space may not be perfect or look like a magazine photo, but it is mine and most of the time I am really happy with what I produce in there.  And the furniture might not all match, but it all fits in perfectly and serves its purpose.

Having said all of that, I thought you might like a tour of my work area, because after all the belly button gazing today, I realized that I like where I create and thought you might like to see it.

I love little sets of drawers and shelves.  They make great storage for little bits and pieces and paper.  All of these were picked up second hand and redecorated.

 This is my desk where I sit and draw.  It was picked up from a garage sale. It is collapsible and so heavy.  Every thing I use regularly is within reach and I love collecting and displaying other peoples artwork.

We bought this shelving from Ikea especially for this space.  It fits in perfectly and holds paper, paper, paper, cards, embellishments and displays my artwork and Hoopla Creations artwork.  This is the wall that will eventually have a window in it.

 years years ago when I was 9
This bookcase was bought second hand and had seen service in both the kids rooms before it made it down into my work space.  It holds magazines, embellishments, beading supplies and other assorted thingies.

And this is my craft cupboard.  I painted it over 9 years ago and sometimes I think it could do with a make over, but I think it still looks OK and it definitely works OK.  It hold all of the larger things, things I don't use all of the time and thanks that I just don't want to part with. 

So there you have work space is still a work in progress and there are a lot nicer ones around, but it works for me, it is a child free space and I like and enjoy what I make in it.
Thank you for dropping by for a visit :)


  1. Such a great craft area you have ! Look so organized and oh boy you have a lots of beads :D


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