Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Week That Was

It is nice that life is getting back to normal after a brilliant Christmas.  It was back to work this week, but I wasn't too thrilled when I opened my emails and found 107 of them!  It was also a rather strange week as both kids were away in NSW staying with their grandparents.  It was the first time in 11 years that I was childless.  I missed them, but oh it was lovely!  I only did one load of washing all week, the bathroom only needed cleaning once and the grocery shopping was rather cheaper than normal.  They are back tomorrow and I can't wait to see them :)

On the home front we have been catching up on little jobs around the house and I tried my hand at bread making.  I really enjoyed the process and the end result was so yummy.  I suspect I will be making some more very soon. 

The balcony veggie garden is still thriving.  The cucumbers especially are going gang busters and we have really really little cucumbers developing well.  Today I planted some more tomatoes, capsicum and rock melons.

I have also been crocheting up a storm and making cleaning cloths and face washers, thanks to Rhonda's Down To Earth blog.  I also got her fabulous book for Christmas, and it is just brilliant!

My work space has been getting a HUGE tidy up and it is almost back to normal.  It is all about more storage space - you can never have enough.

 And then of course there has been the drawing.  I picked up my favourite 0.2 fine line marker and have been having fun with detailed designs.  The really exciting thing for me is that these will be available as prints in the next couple of weeks.  I am also working on 2 secret projects with 2 lovely ladies that I will let you know about once they are all done - very exciting for me and all I will let you know now it that some of my artwork will be available in new and wonderful forms, hehehe

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  1. It sounds like you have had heaps of time to get done what you wanted/needed to get done while a part of your heart was away in NSW. I am envious of your work space by the way. We love watching our fruit and vegies grow too. It is an amazing feeling and the kids surely learn to appreciate healthy fresh food more once they are involved in the process. Will be watching this space to hear more on your secret project.


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