Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Week That Was #4

It's raining, it's pouring!!!!  Yes The Week That Was is so memorable this week, because it is bucketing down and all of my plants are getting a lovely drink. Not so good for iffy car drivers though, I saw three accidents on my way to work yesterday morning :(

This week's garden photos are mainly about new starters.  While it is great to finally have some veg that is almost ready to pick and eat, I also need to get the next crop under way, so here are some of my new babies.

#1 These are white cucumbers and the frame they are starting to climb was hand made (cant you tell)  It was great to be able to wonder around the back yard and pick up the sticks from the two trees that are the bane of my back yard existence...always dropping leaves and sticks everywhere.

#2 Little baby cucumber

#3 The kids and I buried some potatoes in the front garden, just for fun and of the tree, two have come up over the last two days of rain.

#4 A friend gave me some Butternut pumpkin seeds awhile back and these are the first seedlings.

On the home front, it might not look too thrilling but the liquid in the spray bottle is Lemon Vinegar and it is a brilliant all purpose cleaner.  I have always heard that vinegar is a great effective and cheap cleaning product, but I don't like the smell of it.  I found this recipe on the  Down to Earth Forum.  It is as simple as putting the peel from a couple of lemons in a screw top jar and filling the jar with white vinegar.  The hard part is leaving it for two weeks before you strain the peel out and get cleaning with it.  I did the kitchen today and it worked a treat.  I also used a home made crocheted cloth.

I am also still crocheting more face cloths.  These ones are made from 8ply Creme de la Creme cotton.  I am thinking of making some soap and giving face cloth and soap as Mothers Day presents.

Creatively, I have done the happy dance a couple of times this week with new and exciting things happening with Sugarbird images.
I have just opened a shop at REDBUBBLE which will offer my images on clothing, cards and a range of other things.  This is the only image in my shop at the moment, but I will be adding lots more in the near future.

I also release my first range of prints on facebook this week and was completely blown away by the response.

And finally, I picked up the colour pencils again this week, after about a month of black and white line markers.  This was a special order for the lovely Julie at Aromatique Essentials
She wanted an image based on her logo, but slightly different.  I really enjoyed getting back to colour.

And that was The Week That Was with me and Sugarbird.  I hope you had a good week this week and have a good week next week <3

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