Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Week That Was #3

I have had another fulfilling and busy week this week, both at home and creatively.

I announced a giveaway earlier in the week to celebrate 7,000 pageviews on my blog and 700 likes on my facebook page and I was so overwhelmed by the response.  I think there were about 20 entries in the first few hours.  You people are so wonderful.  The giveaway closes Thursday night so if you haven't entered please click here to do so. 

The other exciting creative news this week is that I sent another sheet of images off to the lovely Amanda at Jandy Moon Jewellery Creations.  She turns them into the most wonderful Glass Tile Pendants.  So if you would like a little piece of Sugarbird art to wear, pop over and see her.  She is also, very generously offering them at an introductory price at the moment and having a giveaway of one!!

Even though it has been rather hot here this week, the garden is surviving rather well.  But it does need quite a bit of watering.

#1 The Lebanese cucumbers are starting to actually look like cucumbers and it looks like we will have a lot of them.

#2 This is the second lot of capsicums we have had of this little bush and if they are anything like the first lot, they will be nice and sweet.

#3 Did you know that if you replant spring onions after you cut the tops off, they sprout again?  I didn't until a friend told me.  This is my attempt so far and they are looking rather good.  

#4 The little plant on the left is actually an avocado seedling.  I simply buried a seed in the pot awhile back and forgot about it.  I noticed this last weekend.  It will be interesting to see how it goes.

I really enjoyed drawing the owl for the giveaway because it was only A5 in size and so delicate, but Floral Friend (above) was my favourite creation this week.  The image is A4 in size a chock full of detail.  It took a couple of days to complete (and a couple of hand cramps)  but it was well worth the time and effort.

I also did a spot of shopping this week, and if you know me at all you will know that I hate and detest shopping with a passion.  But this shopping expedition had me skipping out the door with joy and anticipation (well, I didn't really skip, but you get the picture.)  About three times a year I wonder through the isles of Reverse Garbage .  If you live in Brisbane and haven't been, you really should check it out.  Their blurb says that they "collect high quality industrial discard"  which to me means that they have some really funky and interesting stuff, that would otherwise end up in landfill.  I get some really great products at brilliant prices and do my little bit to help the environment.  This weeks haul consists of paper, cardboard, matt board, envelopes and containers.  All of which I will put to good use.


  1. It is no wonder why you have had such a good response to your giveaway Karen. It is your amazing work (now, combined with another talented person's). Well done!

    (I wonder what will happen to the avocado plant. I hope it actually gives fruit in a few years.)


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