Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Week That Was #2

Firstly this week, my thoughts go out to all the people down south suffering with the bush fires and the heat and to all of the brave fire fighters and other emergency services doing battle with the fires.

The big news this week is the release of Sugarbird Glass Tile Pendants.  I am so excited!
I have been collaborating with the lovely Amanda from Jandy Moon Creations and she now exclusively has them for sale.  I would love for you to pop over to her facebook page or website to have a look.  She has them at a special introductory price at the moment and is also holding a pendant giveaway!!

I am still slowly implementing changes around our home to make life simpler and a bit more self sustaining.
The garden is still growing well.

#1 If you look VERY closely between the stem and flower you can see that I now have baby cucumbers.  We have counted around 20 so far, so I am browsing the net for tasty Bread and Butter Pickle recipes.

#2 Our Cherry tomatoes are still fruiting nicely

#3 I planted 4 rock melon seedlings earlier this week.  Two became dinner for the snails, one perished in the heat and in desperation I gave this little guy hos own green house to protect him.  He seems to really like it, so there is hope that some time down the track we will have some fruit from him.

4. This is variegated Society Garlic, you can apparently eat the flowers (haven't tried it yet) and it flowers a lot so adds some nice colour to the garden (thanks for this one Mum)

Not a huge lot of extra stuff has been happening in the kitchen, it has been too hot.  But I have managed to make my first loaves of foccaccia bread.  They were herb and garlic and the parsley and oregano came out of our garden.  The loaves didn't last long, so I suppose they were a success.

I am also having a go at making lemon vinegar for cleaning.  It seems straight forward.  Lemon peel in vinegar, leave it for two weeks, stain the peel out and then mix 50/50 with water.  I will let you know how well it works in about two weeks :)

And creatively, I am still in love with my black fine line markers.  I think I am challenging myself to see how small I can get the details.  Needless to say, if I work on these drawings for too long, I do get a cramp in my hand.
I am hoping to get these images onto t-shirts and in print form once I master photoshop (so it could take a while)  

This is the latest drawing I have started, I am not sure where it is going from here, but it will be fun to see what develops.

I hope you have had a fulfilling and happy week xxx

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