Thursday, 27 December 2012

Greenery Galore

I hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas.  All went well for us.  But as per usual, after it had all died down and the the relatives went home, I got a bit reflective on 2012 as a whole.  And you know was a pretty brilliant year family and work wise :)  
The only glitch was the realisation that I got so wrapped up in trying to find a balance between work and family that my home got a bit neglected.  Not the nuts a bolts of the place - things like cleaning, maintenance etc, but the feel of home and being home.  So much time was spent moving from one thing to another that needed doing, going to work, juggling kids activities and a whole lot of everyday things that some of the things that I use to dream about doing at home just got forgotten.  So as 2013 draws near, I thing a to-do -list is in order.  Not that I am going to bore you here with that list (not yet anyway)  but one of the things that will be on the list is get the rusty old green thumb back into working order.
As I have previously posted here, I started a balcony veggie garden awhile back, so here are some update pics.  I have a decent backyard that with some (read *a lot*) of work could be a really lovely place, so stay tuned.

 Pots, pots and more pots, plus a large styrofoam box.  Most of the vegies have been grown from seed. 

 Tomatoes, capsicum strawberries and parsley

 Cherry tomatoes and capsicums

 Oregano and parsley

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