Saturday, 15 December 2012

Green, green and green

I did the happy dance around the lounge room this afternoon (the cat thought it was funny!!)  Why, because I finished all of my pre Christmas orders and on Monday the final one will be out the door.

I have loved the chance you wonderful people have given me to create for you.  And I have been completely blown away with the amount of my work that has sold prior to Christmas.  Who would have thought that 40 of my diaries would have found new homes over a space of two months.  So to all of you I say a very big THANK YOU.

On the flip side, I now have just 10 days to make presents for my family and friends :)  But I think that deserves a post of its own later in the week.  

The calendar below is one I did just for the fun of it and the colours were inspired by Nina at Hoopla (Creations) Not her style, but a comment she made about a previous post on facebook.  This one is created using just three shades of green.  Then I used fine line markers to add the details and decorations.  I was thinking of doing another image, just using pinks, or purples, or blues get the idea lol

First I print the calendar part onto scrapbooking paper and then used lead pencil to draw the design on.

The design is drawn over with fine line marker and then the colours are added.  In this case, 3 layers of different greens.

  Once the colouring in is done, the decorations are added over the top with fine line marker.

  And there you have it, another calendar all finished :)  I like this design, as much as I love drawing flowers, I did enjoy not having some on this one.


  1. Wow Karen I love the colours and the design. Nina is indeed a fantastic inspiration and a wonderful gem of a person. Thank you for sharing your lovely colourful talent :) love it.

  2. It's awesome Karen, the different shades of green work a treat! Hope you have a magical Christmas and give your fingers/hand a rest over the festive season. Cheers, Nina <3


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