Friday, 21 September 2012

Tweet Tweet

I have been busy doing birdies lately (as well as diaries) and here are a few of them.....

These were a special order for the lovely Amanda at Jandy Moon Creations.  Drop by her facebook page and say hi.  These four are to go with the yellow and orange pair that she already has.

And then I got to wondering how small I could make the love birds, and so far....this is how small.  As you can see, you can't fit a whole lot of white ink design on them, but I think they look rather cute.  And with a hole through the middle, I think this pair are destined to become earrings.  And then my brain got thinking about Love Bird pendant, charms, bag tags........and then I got a headache from to much thinking lol

After all of that and a few more normal size Love birds as wedding presents for an order, I packed up the clay and pulled out the trusty old colour pencils.  These are the start of my Christmas Bird Tags and are available in my madeit store, if you would like to start getting organised for Christmas :) 


  1. You always , always do the most beautiful work ! Thanks so much for playing x

  2. They are gorgeous! I am always so amazed at how you can do such intricate, pretty designs on such tiny little things. Such talent! :)

  3. Your mini birds are lovely. I really like the tags. The birds look great with their Santa hats. Ali x


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