Saturday, 15 September 2012

Diary start

Not a lot of blogging has been happening with me over the last week.  I have had the dreaded flu, but after 2 weeks of it not getting better, I was finally pushed by hubby to go to the doctors (a rare occurrence for me)  And I was told that yes, I had the flu, but I also had tonsillitis.  No big deal you might say, but I had my tonsils out TWICE when I was little!!!  Go figure, they have grown back yet again.  So armed with antibiotics and orders to rest I have spent most of today asleep on the lounge :(

BUT you can't keep an addicted pencil colourer down, so I am here to let you now that I have started on the 2013 diaries.  And I must say that you lovely people blow me away.  After my blog and facebook comments, I received 9 diary orders and such lovely comments!!  I even have two lovely ladies who told me that they like all of my work and I could surprise them with what I put on their diaries - how awesome is that!!

So here are the images of the work in progress of the first one.  It will be for Amanda.  If you are one of the 9 who have ordered diaries I am working my way down the list based on who ordered when, not alphabetical - Amanda just happened to get in first lol

I firstly draw the image into paper with pencil and then go over the pencil with fine line marker.
Then I pick the main colour for the image and start colouring.

Then it is just a case of adding more layers of colours and a lot of pencil sharpening.  A good pointy pencil allows me to layer the colours.

Now all of the colouring is finished - I took this photo last night and the colours are actually more vibrant in real life.  The next step is the cut the image out, attach it to some really yummy scrapbooking paper and then attach both to the cover of the diary.......hopefully I will be able to show you the finished diary in tomorrows blog :)


  1. You are so amazing, these are so beautiful.

  2. I can't wait for mine, I don't care what it has on it, I know I will love it anyway!!! My 2012 has been the best part of my day when I check it every morning. I have had so many comments on it...xxxxxleah

  3. Truly amazing! Great work. (Hope you get well soon by the way)

  4. Beautiful, I can't wait to see mine :)


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