Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Colour Fun

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Oh wow, I just discovered that thanks to you lovely people I have passed the 3,000 hits on the blog!  A very BIG THANK YOU to every one of you who as visited and/or left a comment!   
I will be announcing a GIVEAWAY to celebrate in the next couple of days.

I think it is always fun to step outside your creative comfort zone and try something a little bit different.  Lately for me it has been not going near the pink and purple colours I have become rather fond of.  Some of the results have been pleasantly surprising and other I must admit have been complete disasters and found their way into the bin!! 
Here are a few things that didn't make it into the bin :)

And just in case you are a bit bored with the flowers....here are some bracelets, not featuring pink and purple (well, maybe a little purple)  They are available in my Facebook shop and madeit shop for $6.00 ea 


  1. The little wooden mannequin looks beautiful today! Tres sparkly :)

  2. Love those Christmas tags, glad they didn't make the bin. Congrats on the hits as well, stuff like that always gets me smiling :)

  3. Nice thank you card, thank you. And well done on yr page visits! You should feel proud that you have given colour and life to each one of them.

  4. the necklaces are gorgeous!!! :)

    hmmm christmas thinking already!? Argh!! I just got over all the birthdays now to save for Christmas :)

  5. Beautiful necklaces. You are gifted!


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