Sunday, 5 August 2012

Catch up weekend

I mentioned to someone yesterday that I was planning to do a post over the weekend (hi Noemi) and I guess with 2 hours to go, I have made it.  But this is really the first time all weekend I have been near the computer.

I have spent a lot of the weekend playing catch up with the much neglected housework and yard chores.  But I did have a rather creative week last week and I took lots of photos so hear are some of what I have been up to.... 

I completed some cards

And started some pendants

Check in again tomorrow and I will (hopefully) have the pendants completed and ready for sale.  I hope your weekend was as productive as mine, but more creative :)

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  1. :) I was waiting for your post ! Very lovely blog and I just love to see step by step your beautiful work !Very unique style !The pedant are brilliant love the charms on them and of chores your beautiful flowers !<3 Noemi


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