Monday, 30 July 2012


This cute and funny word got me thinking the other day.  I was showing a friend some cards I was working on and she asked my what I do if I make a mistake....and I didn't have an answer because I realised that basically the cards were a collection  of doodles and how can you make a mistake with a doodle?

And then I got to thinking about my long career as a doodler.  I would think I started as soon as I could hold a pencil, and it seems that any piece of paper has been far game ever since.  The list of what I have doodled on over the years is extensive.....receipts, phone bills, lecture notes, work name it I have doodled on it with hearts, flowers, spirals, etc, etc, etc.  Many a design idea over the years has started life as a doodle and I suspect these cards are just a more permanent and useful doodle.  All I know if that they are fun to do, are totally freehand and so mistakes.  

New Christmas cards....coming to a Sugarbird store near you in August !!

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