Friday, 1 June 2012

My Space

Inspired by Sarah at Paper Tree and Debra at very debra I thought I would give you a glimpse at where I do my creating.....but first I need to tell you a little story.
We bought a high set house and it was decided that 2/3 would be garage and hubby's workshop and 1/3 would be my work area.  I was so excited because everywhere else we have lived I have had a nook, cranny or dinning room table to work on.  So we set about turning downstairs into something livable.  It already had brick walls and a cement floor.   We framed, gyp rocked, spak filled and painted and got it to a workable state about a year ago.  The only problem was  that hubby convinced me that putting a TV down there would be good....well it wasn't - the kids invaded, and made it their own and for 4 months I waged war to get it back.  In the end I gave up and and moved to the quiet and comfortable lounge upstairs to draw.  
Which is where I would still be, but I decided to try and sell my work on line and instead of it not being good enough and nobody liking it - it kind of took off and as you can see below - I outgrew the lounge room coffee table!!

So I decided to work smarted, not harder.........I further sectioned off downstairs and although I don't have as much room as the original plan, I do have a workable area the the kids know that they are not allowed in.  So the only mess I have to clean up when I want to do some work is my own.

I have a large wooden trestle table and although there is a lot of extra shelving and "stuff" on it, there is still enough room for me to work.  The lamp is especially good at night when I am doing fine detail drawings.

This is my "ideas, inspiration and just because I like it" wall.  The really good thing about this wall is that it is getting replaced next time we have the time, inclination and money to continue on with the renovations.  So I can stick, tack or draw on it if I like!!!
I love shelving and little drawers and collect them at recycle places and garage sales.  The containers that my pens and pencils are in are $0.50 pots from Ikea (I should get some more of those) And all of the things on top of the wooden shelves were made for me by wonderfully creative ladies. (thank you Leah, Sharyn and Helen)   

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak at my space, well part of it anyway.  Check back in the near future and I might show you the rest. 



  1. It's amazing what we mums put up with , lol ! I love your space , you are so tidy .

  2. Love it, and there is no way I am going to show you my mess after seeing that very neat and awesome space of yours...:) I have a large area and it is packed to the rafters, a large cutting table that has enough space left on it to cut out on the Maybe one day I will clean it all up and take a photo... alwasy to busy creating... my excuse anyways...Cheers Sas.

  3. Hey Karen - love a wall you can write on. Maybe when you redo it you could paint it as a chalkboard. Doesn't have to be black or green - you can make your own chalkboard paint any colour (not that I've done it yet - but I do have the stuff in the cupboard waiting...)

  4. Your craft space is stunning - I am very jealous (I am at a re-purposed dining room table, lol).

  5. Only way to go Karen is to have your own space, and make sure the kids keep out. It is amazing what we can fit into a small place if we have to. I now love to spread out as I am here on my own. But little Cindy comes along often and wants to make cards with me. She is doing really well and this afternoon helped make a 70th birthday card with quilling on it. End result was fantastic. xxx Keep up the beautiful work.


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