Friday, 11 May 2012

Had Enough Yet?

I hope you are not too sick of the posts about my little books - because here is another one!  But I promise that this will be the last for a little while (well, maybe second to last)  I find that I get a run on making a certain thing and once I have had enough of that, I pack it up and move onto the next thing.  I am almost at that stage with the little books now.  The ones below are more of the lovely Sharyn's order.  (*wave* hi Sharyn.)

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See post dated Saturday 5th May 2012 for details. 

Almost finished - just the last one to put together.  Making boy ones stretches the imagination for me because I love drawing flowers and nice swirly girlie things :)

And finished.  This means I am half way through Sharyns order (10 to go)  so expect to see more photos of little books down the track.

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