Friday, 25 May 2012

Creative Flu

I have had the flu this week.  Our very generous 9 year old came home with it Monday and shared it around.  The boys got over it in about 24 hours, but mine decided to linger longer.  All I could manage to do was drag myself to work, drag myself home and sit on the lounge.  BUT, you know me, I cant JUST sit, so I started a new set of drawings.  Actually I stated one drawing and enjoyed the detailing of it so much that I just had to make more!!

And this is where the creativity stopped....I am over the flu and have housework to catch up on and more importantly my beloved ZIG pen ran out!!  2 years of faithful service and it just up and quit on me.  So until I go shopping (HATE shopping - but that is another whole blog in itself) these will be unfinished projects.  Oh well, I am SURE I can find something else to do :)

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  1. Oh wow, if that's what you turn out with the flu, then no wonder you work is so amazing!!!! Get better soon girlfriendxoxleah


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