Monday, 7 May 2012

Card Creations

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It's a public holiday today in QLD - yipppeee.   So we have been to the park and I have also finished some cards I was working on over the last couple of days.  I thought you might like to see the "work on progress" photos as well as the finished products.  I drew the images from my head onto scrapbooking paper and then outlined them with brown fine line marker.  Then my favourite part, colouring them in.  After that more details were added with marker and finally they were added to the cards.  Let me know what you think :) 


  1. OOOOOOO sooo "tweet", I adore the colours. Beautiful! xleah

  2. So beautiful Karen :) Being a stamper, I would LOVE to see your beautiful lineart turned into stamps... that would be awesome!!!

    1. Hi Rhonda thank you :) and stay tuned - stamps are coming when time permits.

  3. They are gorgeous! I think I would rather frame them then use them as cards to give to someone else!

  4. Hi Jessica and thank you for your lovely comments :)

  5. Gorgeous - you are very talented - I agree with Jessica - art like this deserves a frame!


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