Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Park....rediscovered

I know it doesn't make me a bad Mum if I find taking my kids to the park rather boring (does it?)  Don't get me wrong, I have VERY frequently done it over the years and they have always had a good time - well now so do I!!!!!  Once I learnt how to use the digital camera - out of necessity not because I wanted to - I have discovered that I can take all sorts of interesting photos at any given park visit.  Of course there are the ones of the kids on the playground, the kids eating their picnic, the kids etc etc etc, but there are also other interesting photos to take.  Here are a few from last weekend's park visit.


  1. lol i would rather take photos of the plants and trees than my kids too, dont get me wrong i love my kids but sometimes there are such beautiful colours and textures in plants and they make wonderful photos. i have also found them useful on my cards :)

  2. Hi Sue, they say great minds think alike :)


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