Monday, 5 March 2012

Hello and welcome to my blog :)

Hello there!!! I was hoping to impart some profound and thought provoking words of wisdom to kick of my blogging endeavour - but the best thing that comes to mind is "Yippppeee", so I am going to go with that :)
The above picture is an A5 notebook and matching pen. The drawing is done using fine line markers and colour pencils and is of Joey the Wonder Cat in a field of flowers.


  1. Thank you for my gorgeous miniature books with ribbon tie ups. They are so sweet and positive. I wanted to get them as gifts, but just cant seem to let them go!
    Love your work, keep it up!!

  2. Wow what a beautiful blog, I love your work. I look forward to seeing all of your new creations! :) xxleah

  3. Very nice Karen, I can't wait for my birdies...
    Will come back often to check out what you have come up with. Cheers Sas.


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